cool و uncool

پري‌روز فيلم زيباي Almost Famous رو ديدم. بخشي از ديالوگ فيلم هست كه واقعا زيباست و زبان حال. در اين ديالوگ، Lester Bangs يك منتقد حرفه‌اي موسيقي است و William Miller يك جوون 15-16 ساله كه تازه وارد وادي نقد موسيقي شده.

Lester Bangs: They make you feel cool. And hey. I met you. You are not cool.
William Miller: I know. Even when I thought I was, I knew I wasn’t.
Lester Bangs: That’s because we’re uncool. And while women will always be a problem for us, most of the great art in the world is about that very same problem. Good-looking people don’t have any spine. Their art never lasts. They get the girls, but we’re smarter.
William Miller: I can really see that now.
Lester Bangs: Yeah, great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex, and sex disguised as love… and let’s face it, you got a big head start.
William Miller: I’m glad you were home.
Lester Bangs: I’m always home. I’m uncool.
William Miller: Me too!
Lester Bangs: The only true currency in this bankrupt world if what we share with someone else when we’re uncool.
William Miller: I feel better.
Lester Bangs: My advice to you. I know you think those guys are your friends. You wanna be a true friend to them? Be honest, and unmerciful.

يك نكته‌اي كه آدم‌هاي uncool (مثل من) بايد بپذيرند اينه باور كنن كه uncool هستند و بي‌خودي دست و پاي الكي نزنند كه نشون بدن cool هستند. پذيرفتن و كنار اومدن با اين مساله است كه مهمه. ضمنا ديروز بود كه بعد از يك قرار دوستانه با يك رفيق خوب مجازي برام ثابت شد كه آدم uncoolي هستم.


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دسته قصار, انديشه

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  1. فاطمه

    I think «cool» has a wide variety of definitions. how can someone be not cool from even any aspect?
    r u low on self-confidence?

  2. فیروزه

    کفرمان از دیدن این پست بو قشنگتان،به اندازه ی کافی درآمد.بی زحمت تشریف بیاورید یه پست دیگر بنهید !!!!!!

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